Elozo*Go - Portable Sterilizer

Elozo*Go - Portable Sterilizer


Our Portable Sterilizer works with anything from a Phone which it was designed for to personal jewellery. Easily transported, it can be activated at any moment for a quick clean. Its Ultraviolet beams makes it a simple routine task of removing bacteria, a daily necessity for our most beloved items.

- Ozone Generation via UV Lights

- Balanced & Well Distributed Ultraviolet system

- Lab Tested to Eliminate key pathogenic bacteria to as much as 99.9%

- Auto Mobile Rocker which lifts the Phone to allow the backside,     effectively sterilized during Operation

-  Extremely Compact and Portable

-  UV Light Safe Reflective Cover

-  Conveniently Built-in USB-A Cord for Easy Charging

-  Auto Switches Off, when lid is Open, or when cycle terminates


Technical Specifications:

Two Working Mode: 15mins or 30Mins

Fully Charged it will work for 3 Hours - Average runtime before recharge on 15min mode x10

UV Wavelength: 185nm - UV Tube: 2x0.5W - Ultraviolet LED: 4x0.06W - Input Voltage/Current: 5V/1.0A - Build in Lithium-Ion Battery = 3.7V - 2000mAH

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A Classy yet subtle way of Efficiently keeping you Clean, Healthy and Safe!

We all know how much bacteria accumulates on our daily items, creating so many occasions we might allow infections and diseases to get to us. ElozoGO Quietly and Gently Cleaning your small Everyday items. With a Simple One Key Operation, designed to suit most Mobile Phones you can also sterilize a variety of small Baby Products as well as Credit Cards, Watches and Jewellery, and many other daily accessories.