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Our newest sterilising solution for domestic & personal usage, purposely made to accommodate any item at home and at the office. Simple to use and yet still exceptionally programmed to disinfect all your belongings, clothes and children’s toys, to an unparalleled level of hygiene: neutralising most of the daily contaminants and complete odour removal for an overall better surrounding.

* the all NEW interface with quick “twist&click” system & magnetic lock.

* ADDITIONAL accessories and custom looks can be requested.


Elozo® patented design and patented technology

LCD display with Active oxygen generator and oxygen regenerator

Surface material in stainless steel with 3 choices wood finishes

External Dimensions (W) 598 x (D) 598 x (H) 1833 mm

Weight 125 kg

Internal Dimensions (W) 354 x (D) 510 mm x (H) 1575

Maximum capacity 277 litres

Low power consumption 0.35 kW per hour; power supply voltage 230V

Protection current is at least 10A; IP class IP2X; certificate IEC-60335-1;

EN 55022; EN 610004-2, -3, -4, -5, -6, -11 - CE certified.


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