Elozo®Drytech - the latest innovation in advanced professional cleaning, effortlessly essential and unique.

Our Drytech system removes odour, bacteria and moisture in one single cycle.

Designed, engineered and manufactured for most* items in Sports & Leisure, this particular model includes a specific technology for professional sports gear, achieving that significant confidence for performing in comfort and daily hygiene.

Exceptional for professional Winter Sport, with the added complications of winter sports gear cleaning.

Our Patented Chemical Free and waterless cleaning mechanism is one of the key characteriscts that distinguishes our Elozo®Health Pro Series, with specifically enhanced Active Oxygen method, making us safe and effortless for daily usage.



Exterior Dimensions: (W) 1000 x (D) 595 x (H) 1900 mm

Product Weight: 180Kg     

Interior Dimensions: (W) 800 x (D) 600 x (H) 1580 mm

Maximum Capacity: 758 Litres

Signature Stainless Steel Body

*New Control "Twist&Click" Operation

Low power consumption: 0.35 kWh

Power supply: 230 V

Protection contact at least 10a

IP class IP2x

Certificates IEC-60335-1, en 55022,

en 610004-2,-3.0-4,-5-6 and-11


*Ventilation Required

1 Year Warranty Included 

*customisations and programmes for usage on request.